The Biography of Abu al_Fadl ^Abdullah bin as-Siddiq al-Ghumari

English Text By Nov 21, 2009


The Biography of Abu al_Fadl ^Abdullah
bin asSiddiq al-Ghumari who died in the year 1413AH

Translated by Riad Nachef


 He is Shaykh Abu al-Fadl ^Abdullah the son of the grand scholar Abu ^Abdillah Shamsid-Din Muhammad the son of the great pious Waliyy, my master, Mohammad asSiddiq the son of my master Ahmad the son of Mohammad the son of Qasim the son of Mohammad the son of Mohammad the son of ^Abdilmu’min al-Ghumari atTanji the son of Mohammad the son of ^Abdilmu’min the son of ^Aliyy the son of al Hasan the son of Mohammad the son of ^Abdullah the son of Ahmad the son of ^Abdullah the son of ^Isa the son of Mas^ud the son of al-Fudayl the son of ^Aliyy the son of ^Umar the son of al-^Arabi ^Alal the son of Musa the son of Ahmad the son of Dawud the son of mawlana Idris the son of mawlana Idris al Akbar the son of ^Abdullah the son of al Hasan al Muthanna the son of our master al Hasan the son of Imam ^Aliyy may Allah accept his deeds.


 He, may Allah endow His Mercy upon him, was born on the last day of Jumada-l-akhirah in the year 1328 AH- 1910 G in stronghold of Tangier.

 Upbringing and Travels

 He grew up under the care of his father, may Allah endow His Mercy upon him. He memorized the Glorious Qur’an according to the recitation of Warsh, then Hafs, then he proceeded to memorize some religious texts. He memorized most of Mandhumat al Kharraz which is named “Mawrid athTham’an”, a large part of al-Alfiyyah, al Arba^in an-Nawawiyyah, al ‘Ajirrumiyyah and a part of Bulugh al Maram and of Mukhtasar Khalil.

 He read under the tutoring of his brother Abu al Fayd the explanation of al “Ajirrumiyyah by al-Azhariyy. Prior to that he had briefly covered the meanings of its terms with his maternal uncle As-Sayyid Ahmad the son of ^Abdilhafidh the son of ^Ajibah.

 At the orders of his father he traveled to Fas to seek the knowledge at the university of al-Qurawiyyin. He read the explanation of al-Alfiyyah by al Makkudi under the tutoring of shaykh ash-Sharif al Habib al Mahaji, also he read the explanation by al Makkudi along with Hashiyat Ibn al Hajj under the Tutoring of shaykh Mohammad the son of al Hajj the son of al Muhashshi and he attended the explanation of Ibn ^Aqil and the Hashiyah of as-sija^iyy under the tutoring of shaykh Mohammad al Hajj the cousin of the one previously mentioned.

 He attended the beginning of the explanation of Mukhtasar Khalil by al Kharshi under the tutoring of shaykh al Habib al Mahaji, and the book of al Jinayat wa Ma Ilayha under the tutoring of shaykh Ahmad al Qadiri. He read the chapter of al Buyu^ (dealings) and what is after under the tutoring of shaykh Mohammad asSinhaji, and other chapters under the tutoring of shaykh Mohammad the son of the aforementioned al Hajj and the grand scholar Ahmad the son of al Jilani, and a part of al Mukhtasar the explanation of az-Zarqani under the tutoring of of the grand scholar ^Abdullah al Fudayli. He studied the chapter of al ‘Ijarah up to the end of al Mukhtasar the explanation of ash-Shaykh ad-Dardir under the tutoring of ^Abdur-Rahman the son of al Qurashi.

 He  attended  Fara’id al Mukhtasar the explanation of al kharshi and Hashiyat Ahmad the son of al Khayyat under the tutoring of Abu ash-Shita’ asSinhaji.

 He attended the explanation of al Bukhari by al Qastalani under the tutoring of shaykh Mohammad the son of al Hajj in the Mosque of Mawlay Idris, and he attended the circles of shaykh al Husayn al ^Iraqi in the Mosque of ^Abdur-Rahaman al Mlili, and he attended Hashiyat al Shinwani ^Ala Ibn Abi Jamrah under the tutoring of the grand scholar ^Abdul Hayy al Kittani in the Mosque of al Qurawiyyin.

 He attended Jam^ al Jawami^ the explanation of al Mahalli from its beginning up to the segment of as-Sunnah under the tutoring of shaykh al Husayn al ^Iraqi, and al Muqaddimat of the same book under the tutoring of the grand scholar ^Abdullah al Fudayli, and major portion of the same under the tutoring of shaykh al-^Abbas Binani and under his tutoring he took al Maqulat al ^Ashr and at-Tawhid by Ibn ^Ashir.

 He attended Risalat al Wad^ under the tutoring of shaykh ^Abdullah al Fudayli and the explanation of al Quwaysini ^Ala Assalam under the tutoring of shaykh al Habib al Mahaji.

 During his stay in Fas he met as-Sayyid Mohammad the son of Ja^far al Kattani, and was authorized to narrate by as-Sayyid Mahdi al ^Azuzi who narrates from the route of two people from as-Sayyid Murtada az-Zabidi who died in the year 1205 AH .

 He returned to Tangiers after he embibed knowledge and skill and stood out among his peers and he taught al ‘Ajirrumiyyah and Risalat al Qayrawani at az-Zawiyah asSiddiqiyyah. He used to attend his fathers lessons in Sahih al Bukhari and al ‘Ashbah Wa an-Nadha’ir by as-Suyuti and Mughni al-Labib and reviewed the explanation of ad-Damamini and Hawashi al’Amir and ad_Dusuqi and ^Abdulhadi Naja al ‘Abiari and other than that.

 In the midst of all of that he wrote the first of his compiled works which is an elaborate explanation of al ‘Ajirrumiyyah which was named by his brother al-Hafidh Abu al Fayd “Tashyid al-Mabani Litawdih Ma Hawathu al-Muqaddimah al-‘Ajirrumiyyah Min al-Haqa’iq Wa al-Ma^ani.”

 Toward the end part of Sha^ban 1349AH-1930G he traveled to Egypt and joined al-Azhar al-Ma^mur and attended the explanation of al-Malwi ^Ala as-Salam and Hashiyat asSabban under the tutoring of shaykh ^Abdulqadir az_Zantani atTarabulusi. He also attended Jam^ al-Jawami^ the explanation of al-Mahalli from the chapter of al-Qiyas up to its end and ar-Risalah as-Samarqandiyyah FiAdab al-Bahth Wa al-Munadharah under the tutoring of the grand scholar Mohammad Hasanayn Makhluf al-^Adawi al_Maliki.

 He attended the explanation of al-Asnawi ^Ala Minhaj al-‘Usul lil-Baydawi under the tutoring of shaykh Hamid Jad and Tahdhib as-Sa^d Bi Sharh al-Khabisi Fi al Mantiq under the tutoring of shaykh Mahmud Imam ^AbdurRahman al-Mansuri al-Hanafi and he heard from him al-Hadith al-Musalsal Bil-Awwaliyyah.

 At the orders of his father he directed himself toward the Shafi^iyy Fiqh and attended al-Manhaj for shaykh Zakariyya under the tutoring of shaykh Mohammad ^Izzat and read Sharh al Khatib ^Ala Abi Shuja^ under the tutoring of shaykh ^Abdulmajid ash-Sharqawi. He attended the lessons of shaykh Mohammad Bakhit al-Muti^iyy in at-Tafsir Wa al-Hidayah in the Hanafi Fiqh and his Hashiyah ^Ala Sharh al-“Asnawi ^Ala Minhaj al-‘Usul and he authorized him an all inclusive authorization (‘Ijazah ^Ammah).

 He attended lessons in Sunan at-Tirmidhiyy under the tutoring of shaykh Mohammad as-Samalutiyy who authorized him an all inclusive authorization (‘Ijazah ^Ammah)just as other scholars have also authorized him.

 In the year 1350AH-1931G he took the test of ^Alamiyyat al-Ghuraba’ which encompasses twelve kinds of knowledge and he passed, and he obtained the degree of ^Alamiyyat al-Ghuraba’ and then he obtained ^Alamiyyat al-Azhar.

 His Teaching

 He taught Jam^ al-Jawami^ Bi Sharh al-Mahilli, Sharh al-Millawi ^Ala as-Salam, Sullam al-Wusul Ila ^Ilm al-‘Usul Li Ibn Abi Hijab, al-Jawhar al-Maknun Fi al-Balaghah Lil Akhdari, Sharh al-Makkudi ^Ala al-Alfiyyah, Tafsir an-Nasafiyy, al-Ahkam Lil ‘Amidiyy, Al-Khabisi ^Ala Tahdhib as-Sa^d Fi al-Mantiq, and Tafsir al-Baydawi.

 His Shaykhs


 His father, as-Sayyid Muhammad ibn asSiddiq, may Allah endow His mercy on him.

  1. His brother, al-Hafidh, the Grand Scholar, Abu al-Fayd Ahmad.
  2. The Grand Scholar ash-shaykh Muhammad ibn al-Hajj as-Sulami
  3. The Grand Scholar, ash-shaykh al-Qadi al-^Abbas ibn Abi Bakr Binani.
  4. The Grand Scholar, al-Muhaqqiq, as-sayed Ahmad ibn al-Jilani al-Amghariyy
  5. Ash-shaykh Fathullah al-Binani ar-Ribati.
  6. The grand scholar, ash shaykh ar-Radi as-Sinani, known by al Hamsh.
  7. The grand scholar Abush-shita’ ibn al-Hasan asSinhaji.
  8. The grand scholar, ash-shaykh Muhammad asSinhaji, the brother of the previous listed one
  9. The grand scholar, as-Sayyed Ahmad ibn atTayyib, al-Qadiri.
  10. The grand scholar, ^Abdullah al-Fudayli.
  11. The grand scholar, as-Sayed ^Abdur-Rahman ibn al-Qurashiyy, al-^Alawiyy.
  12. Ash-Sharif, al Habib, al-Mihaji.
  13. Al-Muhaddith, ^Abdil-Hayy al-Kittani.
  14. The grand scholar, al Qadi al Husayn al ^Iraqiyy.
  15. The grand scholar, as-Sayed Muhammad al-Makiyy, ibn Muhammad al-Batawiriyy.
  16. As-Sayed al Mahdiyy ibn al-^Arabi, ibn al-Hashimiyy az-Zarhuniyy.
  17. The king Idris ibn Muhammad al Mahdiyy ibn the grand scholar Muhammad ibn ^Aliyy as-Sanusiyy ash-sharif al-Hasaniyy.
  18. Al-Qadi al Musnid al Kabir ^Abdil-Hafidh ibn Muhammad ibn ^Abdil Kabir al-Fasiyy al Fihriyy.
  19. The grand scholar the sufi Abul Qasim ibn Mas^ud ad-Dabbagh.
  20. The grand scholar, al Muhaddith, as-Sayyed Muhammad ibn Idris al Qadiri al Hasaniyy al Fasiyy.


  1. The shaykh of Jam^ az-Zaytunah shaykh Tahir ibn ^Ashur at-Tunisiyy al Malikiyy


  1. Ash shaykh Muhammad Bakhit al-Muti^iyy al Hanafiyy.
  2. The Musnid of the era, ash-Shaykh Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ^Abdul ^Aziz ibn Rafi^ al Husayniyy atTahtawiyy.
  3. Ash-shaykh Muhammad Imam ibn Burhan ad-Din Ibrahim, famous by as-Saqqa ash-Shafi^iyy.
  4. Ash-shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Hamidiyy as-Samalutiyy al Malikiyy.
  5. Ash-shaykh Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Khalifah al-Azhariyy ash-Shafi^iyy.
  6. Ash-shaykh Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ad-Dalbashaniyy al Musiliyy al-Qahiriyy.
  7. As-Sayyed Baha’uddin Abun-nasr ibn Abi Mahasin al Qawuqji atTarabulsiyy.
  8. Ash shaykh Muhammad al Khadir ibn Husayn at-Tunisiyy.
  9. Abul Wafa’ Khalil ibn Badr ibn Mustafa al Khalidiyy al Hanafiyy.
  10. The grand scholar ash-Shaykh Muhammad Dwidar al Kafrawiyy at-Tillawiyy ash-Shafi^iyy.
    11.  Ash-Shaykh Taha ibn Yusuf ash-Sha^biniyy ash-Shafi^iyy.

12.  Ash-Shaykh Abdil Majid ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad al-Labban.

13.  Abdil Wasi^ ibn Yahya asSan^aniyy al Yamaniyy.

14.  Al-Ustadh ^Uwayd ibn Nasr al Khuza^iyy al Makkiyy.

15.  Ash-Shaykh Muhsin ibn Nasir Baharbah al Yamaniyy al Hadramiyy ash-Shafi^iyy.

16.  Ash-Shaykh Abdil Ghaniyy Tamum al Hanafiyy.

17.  Ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim al-Bablawiyy al Malikiyy.

18.  Ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn ^Abdil-Latif Khudayr ad-Dimyatiyy ash-Shafi^iyy.

19.  Muhammad ibn Muhammad Zabarah asSan^aniyy al Hasaniyy.

20.  Ash-Shaykh Mahmud ibn ^Abdir Rahman al Mansuriyy al Hanafiyy al-Azhariyy.

21.  Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Zahid ibn al-Hasan al Kawthariyy.

22.  Ash-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hasanayn ibn Muhammad Makhluf al ^Adawiyy al-Malikiyy.

23.  Ash-Shaykh ^Abdil Majid ash-Sharqawiyy.

24.  Ash-Shaykh Muhammad ^Izzat.


 Ash-Shaykh, al Muhaddith, ^Umar Hamdan al-Mahrisi.

  1. Ash-Shaykh al-Muhaddith, ^Abdil Qadir ibn Tawfiq ash-Shalabiyy atTarabulsiyy.
  2. Ash-Shaykh Muhammad al-Marzuqiyy ibn ^Abdur-Rahman Abu al-Husayn al Makkiyy al Hanafiyy.
  3. Ash-Shaykh Salih ibn al-Fadl at-Tunisiyy thumma al Madaniyy al Hanafiyy.
  4. The great scholar ^Abdul-Baqi ibn Mulla ^Aliyy ibn Mulla Muhammad Mu^in al-Laknawiyy al-Ansariyy al-Madaniyy al-Hanafiyy.


 Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Sa^id ibn Ahmad al-Farra adDimashqiyy al Hanafiyy.

  1. The grand scholar, Badruddin ibn Yusuf al Hasaniyy adDimashqiyy, ash-Shafi^iyy, the shaykh of Dar Al-Hadith in Damascus.
  2. Al-‘Ustadh, ash-Shaykh ^Abdil Jalil ibn Salim adh-dhara adDimashqiyy.
  3. Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Raghib ibn Mahmud atTabbakh al-Halabiyy al Hanafiyy.
  4. Ash-Shaykh Yusuf ibn Isma^il ibn Yusuf an-Nabahaniyy ash-Shafi^iyy al-Bayrutiyy.
  5. Ash-Shaykh ^Ata’ ibn Ibrahim ibn Yasin al-Kasm adDimashqiyy al Hanafiyy.

 His Shaykhs Among the Women

 Umm al Banin ‘Aminah bint ^Abdil-Jalil ibn Salim adh-dhara ad-Dimashqiyy.

 His Authored Works

 He authored many compiled works some of which are:

 Al ‘Ibtihaj Bitakhrij Ahadith al-Minhaj Lil Baydawi.

  1. Takhrij Ahadith Luma^ Abi ‘Ishaq Ash-Shirazi Fi al-‘Usul.
  2. ^Aqidat Ahl al-Islam Fi Nuzul ^Isa ^Alayhi Assalam FiAkhir az-Zaman.
  3. Ar-Rad al-Muhkam al-Matin ^Ala Kitab al-Qawl al-Mubin.
  4. Ithaf Al-Adhkiya’ bi Jawaz at-Tawassul bi Sayyed al-Ambiya’.
  5. Al-Arba^un Hadithan al-Ghumariyyah fi Shukr an-Ni^am.
  6. Al-Arba^un Hadithan asSiddiqiyyah fi Masa’il Ijtima^iyyah.
  7. Al-Istiqsa’ li Adillat Tahrim al-Istimna’.
  8. Samir asSalihin fi 3 Ajza’.
  9. Husnil Bayan fi Laylat an-Nusf min Sha^ban.
  10. Fada’il al-Qur’an.
  11. Tashyid al-Mabaniyy lima Hawathu al-‘Ajirrumiyyah Minal-Ma^ani.
  12. Fada’il Ramadan wa Zakat al-fitr.
  13. Misbah az-Zujajah fi Salatil-Hajah.
  14. Qisas al-Ambiya’.
  15. Qurrat al-^Ayn bi Adillat Irsal an-Nabiyy ila ath-Thaqalayn.
  16. Jawahir al-Bayan fi Tanasub Suwar al-Qur’an.
  17. Nihayat al-‘Amal fi Sharh wa Tashih Hadith ^Ard al-A^mal.
  18. Al-Hujaj al Bayyinat fi Ithbat al-Karamat.
  19. Wadih al-Burhan ^Ala Tahrim al-Khamr fil Qur’an.
  20. Dilalat al-Qur’an al Mubin ^Ala annan-Nabiyya Afdal al-^Alamin.
  21. An-Nafhah al-Ilahiyyah fisSalat ^Ala Khayril-Bariyyah.
  22. Sharh al-Irshad fi Fiqh al-Malikiyyah.
  23. I^lam an-Nabil bi Jawaz at-Taqbil.
  24. Al-Fath al-Mubin bi Sharh al-Kanz ath-Thamin.
  25. Al-Qawl a-Masmu^ fi Bayan al-Hajr al-Mashru^.
  26. AsSubh as-Safir fi Tahrir Salat al-Musafir.
  27. Ar-Ra’yy al-Qawim fi Wujub Itmam al-Musafir Khalfa al-Muqim.
  28. Khawatir Diniyyah (3 volumes).
  29. Tafsir al-Qur’an al Karim (incomplete).
  30. Itqan asSun^ah fi Bayan Ma^na al-Bid^ah.
  31. Tawdih al-Bayan li Wusul Thawab al-Qur’an.
  32. At-Tahqiq al-Bahir fi Ma^na al-‘Iman Billah wal Yawm al-‘Akhir.
  33. Tanwir al-Basirah bi Bayan ^Alamat as-Sa^ah al-Kabirah.
  34. Al-Ghara’ib wal-Wahdan fil Hadith ash-Sharif.
  35. At-Tanassul wal-Infisal min Fadihat al-‘Ishkal.
  36. Kayfa Tashkur an-Ni^mah.
  37. Kayfa Takun Muhaddithan.
  38. Al-‘I^lam bi Anna at-Tasawwuf min Shari^at al-Islam.
  39. Dhawq al-Halawah bimtina^   Naskh at-Tilawah.
  40. Husn at-Tafahhum wad-Daraku li Mas’alat at-Tark.
  41. Al-‘Adillah ar-Rajihah ^Ala Faradiyyat Qira’at al-Fatihah.
  42. Ajwibah Hammah fi atTibb.
  43. ‘Izalat al-Iltibas ^Amma Akhta’a fihi Kathir min an-Nas.
  44. ‘Ithaf an-Nubala’ bi Fadli ash-Shahadah wa Anwa^ ash-Shuhada’.
  45. Al-Mahdi al Muntadhar.
  46. Al-Ihsan fi Ta^qib al-Itqan fi ^Ulum al-Qur’an.
  47. Tamam al-Minnah bi Bayan al-Khisal al-Mujibah lil Jannah.
  48. Kamal al-Iman fi at-Tadawiyy bil Qur’an.
  49. Istimdad al-^Awn fi Bayan Kufr Fir^awn.
  50. Tanbih al-‘Awwah Ila Fawa’id asSalah.
  51. Awliya’ wa Karamat.
  52. Tawjih al-^Inayyah bi Ta^rif al-Hadith Riwayatan wa Dirayatan.
  53. Ghunyat al-Majid bi Hujjiyat Khabar al-Wahid.
  54. Sabil at-Tawfiq fi Tarjamat ^Abdullah ibn asSiddiq Tarjamah Dhatiyyah.
  55. Murshid al-Ha’ir li Bayan Wad^ Hadith Jabir.
  56. Al-Qawl al-Muqni^ fir-Radd ^Ala al-Albani al-Mubtadi^.
  57. Irgham al-Mubtadi^ al-Ghabiyy bi Jawaz at-Tawassul bin-Nabiyy fir-Radd ^Ala al-Albani al-Wabiyy.
  58. Irshad al-Jahil al-Ghawiyy ila Wujub I^tiqad anna ‘Adam Nabiyy.

 He examined several books among which are:

  1. Al-Maqasid al-Hasanah lis-Sakhawiyiy.
  2. Tanzih ash-Shari^ah li Ibn ^Iraq.
  3. Al-Bahr az-Zakhkhar fi Madhahib ^Ulama’ al-‘Amsar.
  4. Al-Iklil fi Istimbat at-Tanzil lis-Suyutiyy.
  5. Akhlaq an-Nabiyy, sallallahu ^alayhi wa salam, li Abi ash-Shaykh.

 He achieved printing tens of volumes pertaining to al-Hadith and other books from their original manuscripts.

  He died, may Allah endow His mercy on him, in the year 1413 after the Hijrah – 1993 G in Tangiers and was buried therein next to his father.




[1] See Tashnif al-Asma^ bi Shuyukh al ‘Ijazah wa as-Samma^ for Abu Sulayman Mahmud bin Sa^id bin Muhammad Mamduh ps. 346-354, also Sabil at-Tawfiq fi Tarjamat ^Abdullah bin asSiddique.