AL-BUKHARI, Muhammad bin Isma^il

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

AL-BUKHARI, Muhammad bin Isma^il:

He is the Amir-ul-Mu ‘mimin in the knowledge of Hadith, and his full name is Abu ^Abdullah, Muhammad bin Isma^il bin Ibrahim bin Al-Mughirah bin Bardizbah Al-Ju^fi Al-Bukhari. He was born in Shawwal 194 H. In Bukharah in what is now Uzbekistan. Al-Bukhari studied Hadith at an early age and travelled widely over the Muslim world collecting Hadith and compiled the most authentic ones in his book Al-Jami^AsSahih, which later became known as Sahih Al-Bukhari and contains 2602 Hadith which he selected from the thousands of Hadiths that he had memorized. Al-Bukhari studied under famous Hadith Imam like Malik bin Anas and Yahya bin Ma^in. He died in Samarqand, the then day capital of Uzbekistan, Nowadays Tashqand , the night of ^id-ul-Fitr, 256 H. Al-Bukhari was unique in the science of the methodology of Hadith and his book Al-Jami^AsSahih is considered to be the most authentic book of Hadith.