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^ABDUL-HAQ bin ^Abdur-Rahman

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

^ABDUL-HAQ bin ^Abdur-Rahman 510-581 H Abu Muhammad, ^Abdul-Haq bin ^Abdur-Rahman bin ^Abdullah bin Husain bin Sa^ id Al-Azdi Al-Ishbili was born in 510 H. He was a Hafidh and an authority in the knowledge of Hadith. He resided in Bijaya in Spain where he spread his knowledge and authored books. He was famous and a celebrated ^Alim (scholar) and was…

ASH-SHAFI’EE, Muhammad bin Idris

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

ASH-SHAFI’EE, Muhammad bin Idris: Abu ‘Abdullah, Muhammad bin ldris bin AI-‘Abbas bin ‘Uthman bin Shafi’ee bin As-Sa’ib bin ‘Ubaid bin ‘Abd Yazid bin Hashim bin ‘Abdul-Muttalib bin ‘Abd Manaf Al-Qurashi Al-Makki was born in 150 H. in Ghaza and was taken to Makkah while a baby. He lived in Egypt where he died in 204 H. He was considered to…

AL-BAIHAQI, Ahmad bin Al-Husain

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

AL-BAIHAQI, Ahmad bin Al-Husain: Abu Bakr, Ahmad bin Al-Husain was born in Sha’ban in the year 374H. He was considered a learned Hafidh among the eminent Imams of Hadeeth and a jurisprudence scholar in the Shafi’ee Madhhab. He wrote many books like As-Sunan Al-Kubra and As-Sunan As-Sughra. Adh-Dhahabi said, ^سHis books exceed one thousand volumes.’ Al-Baihaq, which he is named…

AL-BAZZAR, Ahmad bin ‘Amr

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

AL-BAZZAR, Ahmad bin ‘Amr: Abu Bakr, Ahmad bin ‘Amr bin ‘Abdul-Khaliq Al-Basri was one of the eminent and learned Hadeeth scholars who had attained the rank of Hafidh in the memorization of Hadeeth. He authored two books on Hadeeth which are Al-Musnad Al-Kabir and Al-‘Ilal. He studied under At-Tabarani and others. Al-Bazzar died in 292 H.  

AL-BUKHARI, Muhammad bin Isma^il

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

AL-BUKHARI, Muhammad bin Isma^il: He is the Amir-ul-Mu ‘mimin in the knowledge of Hadith, and his full name is Abu ^Abdullah, Muhammad bin Isma^il bin Ibrahim bin Al-Mughirah bin Bardizbah Al-Ju^fi Al-Bukhari. He was born in Shawwal 194 H. In Bukharah in what is now Uzbekistan. Al-Bukhari studied Hadith at an early age and travelled widely over the Muslim world…