A Genuine endeavor An Advise to the West

Interesting Articles By Sep 07, 2010

A Genuine endeavor An Advise to the West


The CSI gathering was genuine and fruitful in several ways. Certainly it assembled concerned people who desire to present and execute what is proper and correct. Simultaneously toward the ailments of the USA in their struggle against extremism and heinous terrorism and toward the victimized Middle East and Muslim world .To bring about the peace of mind and prosperity to the American people and to save the Muslim world from being victimized as the American wrath unfolds itself in different shapes and forms. Endeavoring to reap at the end of the day two different worlds of people working together in harmony and are successful in intercultural communications ;people who can understand the fundamental differences among themselves and are capable of dealing with them properly and with a touch of class.


Although the task is very hard and challenging it is achievable. I have witnessed a good level of awareness among the keynote speakers and others as to the required elements of success. However, I feel some elements have to be re-emphasized and some other elements have to be introduced.–without which I do not envision success at all –.


Implementing the beautiful ideas that were presented within the domain of intercultural communications is a must and will find a vast receptiveness in the Muslim world. Not only because of its soundness but also because these values are inherent in the Muslim value system. For example introducing the notion of macro loans to women will find fertile grounds in light of the fact that Khadijah—the first wife of the Prophet– was a successful entrepreneur. The issues of honor, respect, family bonds and treasuring friendship among Muslims and non-Muslims alike is even more fertile; the religious texts are too many to enumerate under this title.


Utilizing the scope of mass media, Hollywood and otherwise, is a must but requires a high level of credibility of the religious statements that have to be put on the table.


To be successful in accomplishing the aforementioned require a well studied approach that entails the following among other issues:


1)   To put a mental block on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and not to claim that we are going to resolve it. The resolution of this conflict will be an outcome of successfully accomplishing the above mentioned task.

2)   To provide the political endorsement and support for the project domestically in the USA and abroad in the Muslim countries. The political authorities that need to be sought abroad are the religious leaders of the moderate Muslims and their political connections.

3)   To secure a genuine plan for financing that will draw on the resources of world organizations, governments and prominent figures.

4)   To secure the platform of receptiveness among Muslims in the USA and worldwide.


This last point is of utmost importance and requires openness and courage.


We have to speak the language of the Muslims to be able to communicate with them. Religion is the most important matter to Muslims and unless we understand the fundamental requirements under the religion there will be a humongous communication gap. Hence do not expect to order the women to unveil and hope that the Muslims will take us on regarding issues of respect, honor, intercultural communications, etc..!!


In this respect we have to undergo a learning process to understand the fundamentals of Islam. By us I mean CSI, the USA government and agencies and the public at large.

Unfortunately the attempts that the USA has endorsed thus far involve either radical groups masquerading in the guise of moderation or groups of swindlers that add ignorance on top of ignorance. Most dangerous is when the USA embraces educators who are dogmatic-aly enemies of Islam; unfortunately a widely used practice that shapes the political mind in the USA today!!


The CSI must land on the true moderate groups, organizations and authorities and consequently work closely with them to provide the knowledge and the credibility of the statements to be made in the name of the religion.


Such groups are already very active in instilling the correct Islamic teachings among Muslims; a matter that provided 1400 years ago and still today the solid shield against Muslim youth falling prey to recruiters of extremism and evil terrorism.