ADH-DHUHLI, Muhammad bin Yahya

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

ADH-DHUHLI, Muhammad bin Yahya:

Abu ‘Abdullah, Muhammad bin Yahya bin ‘Abdullah bin Khalid bin Faris, the freed slave of Banu Dhuhl was born in 170 of the Hijra. He was a Sheikh-ul-lslam and Amir-ul-Mu’minin in the knowledge of Hadeeth and theHafidh of Nishapur. He acquired Hadeeth from many professors in Al-Haramain, Ash-Sham, Egypt, Iraq, Ar-Ray, Khurasan, Yemen and Al-Jazira and became very competent in this field and became the authority of knowledge in Khurasan. Ahmad said, ‘I never saw someone who knows the Hadeeth of Az-Zuhri from Muhammad bin Yahya than Adh-Dhuhli. He died in Rabl ‘-ul-Awwal, 258H.