Prophet `Eesaa, peace upon him

Arabic Text By May 31, 2018

Prophet `Eesaa, peace upon him

His Status

• Allah sent Prophet `Eesaa (Jesus) as the servant and Messenger before Prophet Muhammad, peace and mercy upon them and there is no Prophet between Prophet Muhammad and Prophet `Eesaa, peace and mercy upon them.

• Prophet `Eesaa was one of the five best messengers of Allah, those with the highest status, who were the most patient, called Ones with Strength (‘Ulul `Azm),

• ‘Ulul `Azm are: Prophet Muhammad, Prophet Ibraaheem, Prophet Moosaa, Prophet `Eesaa and Prophet Nooh. Some scholars also added Prophet Adam, peace and mercy upon them.

• Prophet `Eesaa, as all the prophets, was truthful in conveying what Allah revealed to him.

• Although today we follow Prophet Muhammad’s Islamic Laws, Muslims respect, love, and believe in `Eesaa and in his Prophethood.

• Prophet `Eesaa will come before the Day of Judgment to implement the Islamic Laws of Prophet Muhammad, peace and mercy upon them.

His Family

• `Eesaa, peace upon him, was the son of Lady Maryam, the daughter of `Imraan, from the Family of Israel (who is Prophet Ya`qoob).

• Lady Maryam’s family lineage goes to Prophet Haaroon the brother of Prophet Moosaa.

• Lady Maryam is the best women as stated in ‘Aal `Imraan and she is the pure, virgin, waliyyah and Siddiqah. She lived with piety and chastity. Allah also praised her in sooratut Tahreem.

• Allah created Prophet `Eesaa without a father like he created Adam without a father and a mother.

Her Pregnancy

• Ibn Jareer and others narrated explaining soorat Maryam:

One day Lady Maryam went to fetch water and there, she found angel Jibreel, whom Allah had sent to her in the shape of a man.

Thinking he was a human who might harm her, Lady Maryam asked refuge with Allah from him.

– Jibreel said to her, I am the Messenger of your Lord to you. I was sent to give you a pious child who is pure from sins.

– Lady Maryam replied, How would I have a son when I have no husband! I am certainly not an adulteress or a fornicator.

– Jibreel told her, creating a son without a father is an easy matter to Allah. Allah will make him a sign to the people and an indication of the Power of Allah. He will send him as a mercy from Him and an endowment to anyone that follows him and believes in him. Creating him is a matter Allah willed and destined, so it will not be blocked or changed.

Jibreel blew the soul of `Eesaa into Lady Maryam from the opening of her shirt and `Eesaa`s soul entered into her womb. Lady Maryam became then pregnant with `Eesaa, peace be upon him.

• When the signs of her pregnancy became apparent, Lady Maryam went away from her people.

Her Delivery

• The pangs of birth led her to the trunk of a dead palm tree.

• Out of her shyness from the people, and fearing they would accuse her of having done something wrong, she wished she was dead and not a trace of her could be found.

• While in that state Jibreel called to her, comforting her. He told her:

Allah made a small river run under her from which she could drink, and should she shake the trunk of the dead palm tree next to her, it would turn green and moist dates would fall down for her to eat from and be nourished.

• Jibreel told her that if she is confronted by her people questioning her regarding her son to tell them that she made a vow not to talk to any human for that day.

• That day, Maryam gave birth to her son, `Eesaa, peace be upon him.

Meeting her People

• Forty (40) days later she carried him back to her people.

• They accused her of having fornicated.

• In response, Lady Maryam pointed to her son, wanting the people to address him. They were angered by her gesture and thought that she was mocking them by asking them to speak with a 40-day old baby lying in a small cradle.

• Indeed, `Eesaa spoke by the Will of Allah what means as mentioned in the Qur`an:

– I am a slave of Allah. That was the first thing Prophet `Eesaa said.

– He will reveal the Book to me and make me a Prophet and I shall be blessed wherever I am. In the rules that will be revealed to me there will be a special attention given to Prayers and Zakaat.

– Allah predestined that I will be kind to my mother and not a tyrant with a bad ending.

– Peace was on me the day I was born. Peace will be on me on the day I will die and on the day I am raised alive again.

We ask Allah to assemble us with the Prophets in the Hereafter, and to gather us with the Prophets, in the highest levels of paradise. Ameen.