Allāh The Exalted revealed in the 114th verse of the chapter of Taha وقل رب زدني علما what means and say O Muhammad, Increase my knowledge O Lord.

English Text By May 29, 2017

A very precious lesson in the creed and the reason the lands of the muslims have gone corrupt and what it contains from murder and destruction.

The question:  Allāh The Exalted revealed in the 114th verse of the chapter of Taha وقل رب زدني علما what means and say O Muhammad, Increase my knowledge O Lord.  Please explain this verse.

Answer: This verse is an order from Allāh to our master, the Messenger of Allāh (peace and blessings of Allāh peace be upon him), to ask for an increase in knowledge.  Allāh did not order him to ask for an increase of money or children only knowledge because the knowledge of religion is the way to success and prosperity. The correct religious knowledge is what shows the person what saves him from the suffering in the grave and in the Hereafter, and what shows the person what is beneficial in this worldly life. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said: “A perfect believer will not be satisfied with the good he hears until his end is Paradise.” Narrated by At-tirmidhiyy and he classified it as Hasan.  This means the believer always remains eager to hear the knowledge and the reminder and the like.  He remains eager until death to hear what he loves among the good especially the knowledge of the religion.

During this time there are many terrorists from the Wahhabist Ibn Taymiyyah group and the Sayyid Qutb group because of the ignorance of religion. Many of the young people have gone astray to Wahhabism the followers of the misguided Ibn Taymiyah and to the deviant so called Brotherhood Party, who have become misguided and do not know that they are misguided. They are the lowest of the low and they do not realize it.

The Wahhabiyy and the Qutbiyy both, in reality, judge all the kings and presidents as blasphemers and if they were able to they would kill them. This is why there are many bodyguards around kings, presidents, and senior officials who fear that these extremist deviants will assassinate them and they also judge all the Muslims as blasphemers, but because of money, some of them are silent about the king or the president. Otherwise, they are all extremists and deviants who are astray from Islam.

The Wahhabiyy does not know Allāh because he believes that Allāh is a body. We say that Allāh created the body, so how would He be a body. If Allāh were a body, He could not create anything from the universe. We can not create a fly and we can not create for ourselves a segment of our finger because we are a body.

Had Allāh been a body He would not have been able to create people, plants, or anything in the universe. Allāh is not a body. Allāh is not like light, wind, nor man, because He is The Creator of all these things. We found ourselves in this shape.  Our bodies are composed and that is why it is valid for us to sit because the one who sits is composed of an upper part and a lower part. The Wahhabiyy says Allāh sits on the throne, and this is blasphemy. Imam Ash-shafi^iyy (may Allāh have mercy on him) said: This is blasphemy, and likewise Attahawiyy said this is blasphemy.

Allāh the one who created us is not composed is not a body. The body does not create the body, this is a rule and this is a proof that Allāh does not resemble anything. The wind and light are impalpable bodies, and the human is a palpable body. Allāh is not like an impalpable body nor is He like a palpable body.

Furthermore, if the body was palpable or if it was impalpable, it is necessary that it has a place that contains it, the light of the sun dwells in a section and the darkness dwells in another section and thus they alternate.

Allāh does not does not dwell in a place because He is not a body.

We do not know the reality of Allāh, but we know thru the intellectual evidence that Allāh exists not resembling anything. The existence of Allāh does not have a beginning because the one who has a beginning needs someone to bring it from non-existence and make it exist. The creator of the world does not have a beginning to His existence.  Had there been a beginning to his existence then he would have been in need of whoever brought him out of non-existence and make him exist.  We have a beginning to our existence we need whoever brought us from non-existence and made us exist.  As for other than Allāh all of that has a beginning to its existence.  This space did not exist and then Allāh created it.

In eternity, nothing existed except Allāh, then Allāh created the place, therefore Allāh exists without a direction or a place.

The one who believes that Allāh is in the direction of above has designated a place to Allāh and therefore such a person is a blasphemer.  The one who believes that Allāh dwells in a place spread out like the air then such a person is also a blasphemer.  The correct belief is the creed of Ahlus-sunnah, the companions and whoever came after them.  It is the creed that Allāh exists without a place because He is not a body, this means that Allāh is not a volume, that is, He does not have a quantity or limit.

Allāh The Exalted is attributed with a complete Speech by which He promised the believers with Paradise and threatened the blasphemers with Hellfire and by which He informs, questions, orders, and forbids.  With this speech He judges the slaves and so they understand from their questioning “Did I not endow upon you such and such?”  Why did you do such and such from the forbidden?  Why didn’t you do such and such among the obligations?”  The Speech of Allāh is not a letter or a sound.  The Speech of Allāh is His attribute without a how.

Had Allāh spoke with a letter or a sound then He would read like we read the basmalah then it would contain a sequence and this is impossible to be attributed to Allāh.  Iblees’s age is perhaps 100,000 years or less or more Allāh knows best.  If Iblees’s questioning was to occur with a letter and sound then he would have consumed a long time and Allāh revealed about Himself that His judgment is the fastest.  Had Allāh’s judging the slaves been with a letter and a sound then His judgment would be the slowest and it would not be the fastest.   The Jinn also are more numerous than we are and they live long lives, had their judgment been with a letter and a sound then it would have taken a long time.

Allāh attributed himself with non-resembling to the creations meaning that He does not resemble anything and nothing resembles Him and He The Exalted is The Creator of everything.