Refuting Those Who Claim Allāh Changes His Will

English Text By Feb 27, 2017

The Guidance of Muhammad Peace be upon him

Refuting Those Who Claim Allāh Changes His Will

Among what is famously known among the lay muslims, in addition to their scholars, is that Allāh, The Exalted, changes the creation however He wills and He, The Exalted, does not change.  The people have a common saying among them:  Glory be to Allāh The One who makes things change and is not attributed with change.

We draw your attention to the fact that Allāh The Exalted’s eternal and everlasting will does not change, not by the supplication in the middle of Sha^bān and not by giving in charity nor by other than that, instead, whether or not a matter occurs, it will definitely be in accoradance to God’s eternal and everlasting will and knowledge.

The Will of Allāh does not change, whatever Allāh willed to be shall be and whatever Allāh did not will to be shall not be.

The Qur’ān explicitly states that Allāh is the one who makes the situations of the slaves change and that is explicitly clear that the creation is the thing that is changed and not The Creator because changing is one of the signs that something is a creation.  The Prophet of Allāh Abraham used such logic as proof that the sun and the moon are creations when he said “I do not adore things that change.”

In the biography of a person known by the name of Al-Badā’iyy, As-sam^āniyy (deceased in the year 562 H) says in the book of lineages:  “Al-Badā’iyy spelled with a “d” and with a “yaa” at the end, is to show his affiliation to Al-Badā’iyyah those who say its possible for Allāh to change His will and they claimed that God would will something and then He changes His will.  The first time this statement appeared was from Al-Mukhtār the son of Abī ^Ubayd Ath-thaqafiyy the one who conquered Kufah and killed the murderers of Al-Husayn, May Allāh raise his rank…The claim that it is possible for Allāh to change His Will is also claiming that it is possible for Allāh to be attributed with regret and that is blasphemy.”  Here ends the statement of As-sam^āniyy and this is by the consensus of the muslims because Allāh revealed about Himself

ليس كمثله شيء

Which means There is nothing like Him whatsoever.  All the muslims have unanimously agreed that the one who claims its possible for Allāh to be attributed with any attribute among the attributes of humans or other than them among the creations then such a person is a blasphemer, just as The Imām Attahawiyy conveyed, may Allāh have mercy upon him.  May Allāh grant success to its author and the one who spreads it and we ask Allāh to end our lives and the life of the one who makes supplication for us upon Islam.  Āmīn.