The Hadeeth “I will shade them with the shade of the throne.”

English Text By Feb 27, 2017

The Guidance of Muhammad Peace be upon him

A Precious Benefit In Explaining The Hadeeth “I will shade them with the shade of the throne.”

Al-Hakim narrated from the Hadeeth of Abī Hurayrah, may Allāh raise his rank, that the messenger of Allāh, peace be upon him said:  “Allāh, The Exalted, revealed: “ I will shade those who love each other for my sake with the shade of the throne on the day in which there will be no shade except for the shade of the throne.  This Hadeeth is confirmed and it is also narrated by Imām Mālik in The Muwatta’.  This Hadeeth contains persuading the muslims to love one another for the sake of Allāh.  It also contains the great news to the muslims who love one another for the sake of Allāh that they will be shaded on Judgment Day.  On that day, there is no shade except the shade of the ^arsh.  Allāh named the shade of the ^Arsh “My Shade,” honoring the ^Arsh, just as He named the Ka^bah “My House”, honoring it, and not with the meaning of dwelling in it, we seek refuge with Allāh from that.  The self of Allāh is not like other selves. He is not an impalpable body nor a palpable body, He The Exalted, created the impalpable body and He created the palpable body.  Therefore it is clear that the meaning of the statement “My Shade”,in this Qudsiyy Hadeeth, is the shade that I created and that I honored because no sin has ever occurred around the ^Arsh, rather, the angels, who no one knows their amount except Allāh, are surrounding the ^Arsh glorifying and praising their Lord.  Furthermore, the ^Arsh is the largest creation in size.  Allāh has not created a creation larger than the ^Arsh as an evidence of His great power and He did not create it to take it as a place to sit on, we seek refuge with Allāh from blasphemy.

In addition, this explanation is narrated in the narration of The Hafidh Sa^id the son of Mansur in his sunan and that narration states:  “in the shade of His throne,” and so by that, the misunderstanding of those who attribute bodily attributes to Allāh is eliminated.