Imam Abu Hafs ^Umar Ibn Ahmad (an-Nasafiyy

English Text By Jul 04, 2015

Imam Abu Hafs ^Umar Ibn Ahmad (an-Nasafiyy[1]), may Allah have mercy upon him, (said) in his famous book, “The Nasafiyy Creed,” (that if a person hit glass with a stone and broke it, then the acts of hitting) which is the act of the slave with the stone[2] which may or may not result in the breaking of the glass, (and breaking) which is the act of the slave done to the glass by throwing the stone which hit the glass, (and the state of being broken) which is the effect taking place in the glass of shattering, scattering, and the like, (were) all (created by Allah) and not by the slave. (The slave only acquires the act) by directing his intention and will towards the deed, and (Allah is the only One Who creates) it at that time.


[1] He is ^Umar the son of Muhammad the son of Isma^il the son of Muhammad the son of Luqman anNasafiyy, as asSamraqandiyy. Ibn asSam^aniyy said about anNasafiyy: “He was a distinguished Imam, meritorious, outstanding, original.” He had from each kind of knowledge including the Interpretation of alQuran and Hadith, and ashShurut, until he reached one hundred types of knowledge acquired, and he has good poetry and wrote “alJami^ asSagheer” authored by Muhammad the son of Husayn in verses of poetry, and he is the author of the book “alQinnad fi dhikr ^ulama’ samarqand”. He was born the year 461 and died the 12th of Jumada al’ula 573. Reference to Tabaqat alMufassirin, published by the House of/Darul Kutub al^Ilmiyyah, 1st Edition (pg. 75).