Sayyid Qutb had no example to follow except al Khawarij

English Text By Jun 22, 2015

“ومن لم يَحكُم بما أنزَلَ الله فأولئك هم الكافِرون”

Which literally means: those who do not rule by the rules that Allah revealed are blasphemers.

Imam Muslin narrated in his book asSahih about alBara’ Ibn ^Azib may Allah accept his deeds that the Jews perverted the rule of Allah that He decreed in the Torah about the adulterer who is muhsan-married; they claimed the penalty for such a person is by to  lashing him and blackening his face.

Allah had decreed in the original Torah that the penalty for such a person is  to  stone him, but the Jews perverted it and claimed it to be lashing and blackening the face. Thus Allah revealed the Ayah in Surah alMa’idah about them:

“ومن لم يَحكُم بما أنزَلَ الله فأولئك هم الكافِرون”

Which literally means: those who do not rule by the rules that Allah revealed are blasphemers.

Contrary to how the group of Sayyid Qutb judge, This Ayah DOES NOT judge the Muslim ruler as a blasphemer if he ruled by other than the rule of Shari^ah. The Muslim might rule by the norm which is used by the people and embraced by the man made law, but this does not mean that he considers it valid or that it is better than the Quran or equal to it. A Muslim does not revoke the rule of Allah when encountering the man made laws that do not contain blasphemy. It is sinful for one to rule contrary to the rule of Shari^ah in such instances, but one does not blaspheme.

Ibn ^Abbas may Allah accept his deeds explained the above mentioned Ayah by saying: “ the meaning of this ayah is not what you might drift to think that it is the blasphemy that makes one a non Muslim, rather it is a lesser sin which is  among the enormities. alHakim narrated it in al Mustadrak and it is confirmed about Ibn Abbas and alHakim said it is sahih-authentic and adhdhahabiyy concured.

It is known among Muslims that if a person commits an enormous sin one does not blaspheme unless one deems it lawful; this means if he deems the unlawful as lawful while knowing it is unlawful then the blasphemy occurs, because he legitimized what he believed to be unlawful in the rules of the religion.

Among those who judged the Muslims at large as blasphemers is a man called Sayyid Qutb who said in his book “Fi Dhilal al Quran 1057/2”:

Nowadays time have turned around to how it began when the people where first presented with No one is God except Allah, humanity have apostatized and worshipped the people and aborted the creedal statement No one is God except Allah…then he said: Human beings at large have apostatized even those who call  on the top of the minarets No one is God except Allah,devoid of context, they apostatized by worshipping people.

Sayyid Qutb judged the entire nation of prophet Muhammad as blasphemers because the ruler have not applied many of the rules of Shari^ah. He agreed with al Khawarij doctrine which judges the committer of a sin as a blasphemer. Imam Abu Mansur al Baghdadi said a group of al Bayhasiyyah faction of al Khawarij used to judge the Sultan as a blasphemer for ruling with other than Shari^ah and to judge his subjects whether or not they follow him in that. He mentioned it in his book “al Farq bayn al Firaq”.

Let it be known that Sayyid Qutb has no example in judging the nation at large with blasphemy except al Khawarij. He deviated from the methodology of Imam Hasan al Banna who was a genuine Sufi and his thoughts are different from those of Sayyid Qutb.