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‘ALI bin Al-Madini: Abul-Hasan

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

‘ALI bin Al-Madini: Abul-Hasan: ‘Ali bin ‘Abdullah bin Ja’far bin Najih As-Sa’di by clientship – Al-Madini was born in 161 H. And was considered as the most knowledgeable person regarding the Hadeeth of the Prophet and Al-Bukhari said in this context, I never belittled myself before anyone else except before ‘Ali Al-Madini. He was considered to be the Imam of…

SA^ID bin Mansur Al-Marwazi

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

SA^ID bin Mansur Al-Marwazi D 227 H Sa^id bin Mansur bin Shu^bah Al-Marwazi or At-Taliqani then Al-Balkhi lived near Makkah. He authored the book As-Sunan. Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal praised him immensely. Harb Al-Karmani said, ‘He (Sa^id) dictated to me about ten thousand Hadith from his memory.’ Sa^id bin Mansur died in Makkah in Ramadan 227 H, while in his…

AT-TAHAWI, Ahmad bin Muhammad

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

AT-TAHAWI, Ahmad bin Muhammad: Abu Ja’far, Ahmad bin Muhammad Salama bin Salama Al-Azdi Al-Misri At-Tahawi Al-Hanafi was born in the year 228 H. or 227 H. He was nicknamed after a village called Taha in Egypt. He was a follower of the Shafi’ee Madhaab (school of jurisprudence) and a student of Al-Muzni. At-Tahawi then became a follower of the Hanaf…

AT-TIRMIDHEE, Abu ‘Iesa Muhammad bin ‘Iesa:

English Text By Aug 17, 2010

AT-TIRMIDHEE, Abu ‘Iesa Muhammad bin ‘Iesa: Abu ‘Iesa, Muhammad bin ‘lesa bin Sura At-Tirmidhee was born in 209 H. In a town called Tirmiz in Uzbekistan near the northern border of Afghanistan. He was a student of Al-Bukhari, and compiled 4,000 Hadeeth in his book called Al-Jami which later came to be known as Sunan At-Tirmidhi. He also contributed tremendously…