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^ABDUL-HAQ bin ^Abdur-Rahman

510-581 H

Abu Muhammad, ^Abdul-Haq bin ^Abdur-Rahman bin ^Abdullah bin Husain bin Sa^ id Al-Azdi Al-Ishbili was born in 510 H. He was a Hafidh and an authority in the knowledge of Hadith. He resided in Bijaya in Spain where he spread his knowledge and authored books. He was famous and a celebrated ^Alim (scholar) and was appointed as the Khatib of Bijaya. He was a Jurisprudent (Faqih) and knowledgeable in the methodology of the Hadith, its weak ones and the history of the Hadith narrators. He was also described to be virtuous, pious and a strict follower of the Sunnah. He also took interest in the arts and recited poetry. ^Abdul-Haq died in Bijaya in Rabi^-ul-Akhirah, 581 H.