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The Attributes of the Genealogists PDF Print Email
Written by Translated by Riad Nachef   
Wednesday, 18 November 2009 21:15

The Attributes of the Genealogists

Translated by Riad Nachef

 Many conditions need to be satisfied in the person who wants to work with genealogy and here below we shall highlight the most important conditions.

 To be pious so that one would be protected against accepting bribes in exchange of fabricating a lineage. Some chronologists and genealogists have reported that some of those who worked in this science used to accept bribes to fabricate the lineage.

  1. To be truthful so that one would not lie about the genealogy and negate what is confirmed of it and confirm what is falsely attached to it.
  2. To avoid vileness, abhorrent matters and the violators of the practices of the people of his status so that one  would be credible in the sight of the elite and the lay people in a manner that if he confirms or negates a genealogy one would not be objected to.
  3. To be deep rooted in the knowledge of this science with, sound comprehension, good retention, and vast general knowledge, and to be knowledgeable about the laws of the religion and its judgments especially what pertains to the judgments related to the honorable descendants of the Prophet.
  4. To be characterized with deliberate patience and carefulness without haste and negligence and would confirm the verification of the lineage prior to announcing ones opinion.
  5. To have a strong self integrity so that the influential people do not frighten him and order him to commit a wrong doing or prohibit him from a truthful matter. 

They added to that one more desirable attribute that one should have a good handwriting because the pedigrees deserve to be written in good handwriting. 


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