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IBN RAHWAIH, Ishaq bin Ibrahim PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 17:46

IBN RAHWAIH, Ishaq bin Ibrahim:

Abu Ya'qub, Ishaq bin Ibrahim At-Tamimi Al-Hanzali Al-Marwazi was an eminent and great Haafidh, who was a resident and the 'Aalim of Nishapur. He was also considered as the Sheikh of the east of his time and was known as Ibn Rahawaih. Imam Ahmad said, 'I don't know an 'Aalim equal to Ishaq in Iraq. Abu Zar'a also said, 'There was no body so good at memorizing the Hadeeth than Ishaq.' Abu Hatim also said, 'His mastery (of the Hadeeth), accuracy and accuracy and memorization were very surprising.' Ibn Rahwaih was born in the year 166 H and died on l5th Sha'ban 238 H.