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MUSLIM bin Hajjaj PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 17:36

MUSLIM bin Hajjaj:

Muslim's full name is Muslim bin Al-Hajjaj Al-Qushairi An-Nishapuri. He was born in 204 H., in the city of Nishapur near the city of Mashhad in present Iran. Muslim is considered second only to Al-Bukhari in the science of the methodology of Hadith. He started the study of Hadith at an early age and travelled to Iraq, Hijaz, Ash-Sham and Egypt and studied under the scholars of Hadith at that time like Al-Bukhari, Ahmad bin Hanbal and Ibn Abi Shaibah. He also taught the famous Hadith scholars like At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Abu Hatim. Muslim compiled the Hadith book Al-Musnad As-Sahih, which became known as Sahih Muslim. This book, which is considered by the Muslim ^Ulama’ as the second most authentic Hadith book after Al-Bukhari, contains 9,200 Hadith. Imam Muslim died at his birthplace in Rajab 261 H.