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AT-TABARANI, Sulaimman bin Ahmad PDF Print Email
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 03 December 2009 20:04

AT-TABARANI, Sulaimman bin Ahmad

260-360 H

Abul-Qasim, Sulaiman bin Ahmad bin Ayyub bin Mutair Al-Lakhmi At-Tabarani was born in 260 H. in Tabariya As-Sham. He was an authoritative Imam and narrated Hadith from more than one thousand scholars. He left Ash-Sham to acquire the knowledge of Hadith and spent thirty-three years of travelling in its pursuance. He authored many interesting and amusing books, among them are Al-Mu^jam Al-Kabir, Al-Mu^am Al-Awsat, and Al-Mu^jam As-Saghir. At-Tabarani lived in Asfahan and died there on 27th Dhul-Qa^dah, 360 H.